UPDATE: Johnny was released and is going home. Thank you to all that donated and kept him in your thoughts.

Our Johnny is a sweet 3-year-old Beagle Hound mix. Johnny is a rescue and we have had him for around a year and 5 months. Johnny was actually bought home for our youngest daughter whose an introvert and very shy as a companion when she was being home school and that was the beginning of our love affair. Johnny like our daughter is a gentle spirit and he fairly ever barks. He enjoys his time hangout with our daughter following her everywhere eating kibble out of her hand and sleeping under her bed every night. Six months after he arrived he had his first seizure we immediately took him to the doctor and started his meds. Since this first appointment to treat his illness his medications has been changed to Pentobarbital and the dose seemed to have been working with no seizure activity for months. On Wednesday June 20th Johnny started to experience what is called a cluster of epileptic seizures in fact he had 20 within 24 hours (4 on Wednesday, 12 on Thursday, 4 on Friday morning while hospitalize) which rendered him temporary blind and disoriented. We have had no problems at all keeping up with medications, appointments, test, etc. The cluster seizures were unexpected and costly. We are in search of one-time assistance to make sure our Johnny receives the medication and care he needs to stop the seizures so that we can move forward with our vet to ensure a great quality of life with love and family.