Hello, I hope everyone is reading this in good spirits. I am raising funds for my 11 year old Shiba Inu named Ino (E-NO). I rescued Ino in 2013 from an abusive past. When we first became acquainted he was very fearful, reactive and not socialized well. Together we have worked to overcome his fears and instill confidence in him. Through training, socialization and patience Ino became a thriving and confident dog. He gets so many compliments at the vet and groomers on how well behaved he is for a Shiba Inu. If you know anything about Shiba’s you know they are stubborn and cat like hahaha.

Sadly, these days Ino is half the outgoing dog he worked so hard to become. We can no longer do the outdoor activities he enjoys like hiking and the dog parks. He was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. We have been managing it through medicine over the past few years. This conservative approach is no longer working. Ino has a herniated disc and a collapsed space in his spine. This causes him to be in extreme pain 24/7  and partial paralysis in his hind legs. The neurologist recommends surgery asap since the modest approach is no longer working.

Ino needs an MRI and spinal cord surgery which in total will be $7,000. He has no other health issues, therefore there is a 95% chance of him returning to running and walking normally.

Ino means the world to me. He has been my best friend and only child over the past 8 years. He has seen me through my lowest points in life. I am a Army Veteran who served 10 years. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. Ino has help me get through the times where I couldn’t see the light. He was there through losing my grandmother (my best friend) to becoming a divorcee.

I am pleading for help to return my fur baby back to his normal self, and give him the happiness he’s given me. I sincerely appreciate all donations big or small, and if you are unable to donate please help share Ino’s story.

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