Honey – Heartworm Treatment

I took my service dog off her heartworm meds for the winter because I was under the impression mosquitos do not live in cold climates. Little did I know Honey would get heartworms before I had her tested and put back on a preventative. I feel like such a bad pet owner because I adopted her 17 minutes before she would have been euthanized and I’ve put her in a situation where she may still be facing death. She came to me with a broken spirit and had been hit by a car and I did everything I could to spoil her rotten. When I was told by my doctor that I could use a service animal, I did not hesitate to put Honey through service dog school. She is awesome!!! Her trainer wrote something really nice on her You Caring page. Being on social security disability I don’t have any money saved for emergencies. The vet has her on the slow kill method with Prednisone and Interceptor but it could take two years to treat her and she still may test positive after that. Also long term steroid use can cause liver and kidney failure. It is imperative I keep her crated to slow down her activity level to lessen her chances of having an embolism. Her quality of life is gonna be terrible if she has to remain in her crate constantly. My vet said we can treat her for $1200.
You may donate to Honey here or you can call the vet directly at Sweetwater Creek Animal Hospital (678) 838-7387

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