UPDATE August 2020: Hobbes is scheduled for surgery the second week of September. Thank you so much to everyone that donated and supported our fundraisers to make this happen.

Hobbes is a sweet, lovable kitten who had a rough start in life. At less than a month old, he was found abandoned & alone in an alley in Baltimore. It was immediately obvious that Hobbes had a congenital defect called eyelid agenesis; he was born without eyelids. Hobbes can’t close his eyes – not to blink, not to sleep, and not to protect his eyes from dust and dirt. Right now Hobbes has very functional vision, but without medical intervention, he is facing a life of constant pain, eye irritation, and eventual blindness. But there’s hope for Hobbes! Dr. Weigt, a veterinary ophthalmologist at Eye Care for Animals who has done groundbreaking work in eyelid reconstruction surgery, has examined Hobbes and feels he is a good candidate. The surgery is expensive but it’s the best chance Hobbes has at saving his vision and allowing him to live a happy, pain-free life. Please help me to save Hobbes’ sight

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