FiFi is a 9 year old Yorkie that has had nothing but love and affection from an elderly  woman who’s only companion is FiFi. In early November FiFi was diagnosed with  diabetes, then two to three weeks later her glucose level was not going down even after  being on insulin. FiFi was taken back to the vet only to find out she also has Cushing  disease which counteracts with diabetes. This disease has caused a huge hardship for an  elderly woman living on a very limited income. Not taking care of FiFi is not an option  because she is family and both FiFi and her mom (the elderly woman) depend on each other each and every single day. They even cry together, especially since FiFi is now blind because of her diabetes causing the cataracts. As of today 3/24/17, Fifi’s glucose level was above 500 which is not good, we have to bring her in again on Monday to go more bloodwork again, the vet also needs to do another curve for the diabetes which
means they’ll have to keep her for at least 12 hours. We need to help raise money to get FiFi’s diabetes and Cushing disease regulated, then we are praying that we can get surgery for at least one eye so she can see her mom owner during the time they have left with each other. Please help us with as much as you can and I promise both FiFi and her mom with be more appreciative, thankful and humbled by your support.

Thanking you all in advance for your help.

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