I adopted Glory in July 2012. She is my first dog. She has always been extremely active and healthy. On January 16th this year, she started walking strange. She was bumping into furniture and falling over. Over a few hours it got worse so we headed to the emergency vet in a snow storm. By the time we got there she couldn’t stand on her own. They diagnosed her with a back problem and gave steroids, pain pills and a muscle relaxer and told us to follow up with regular vet the next day.
The next day at the vet, Glory had x-rays completed showing a possible slipped disc. She still couldn’t stand at all on her own. The vet determined she needed to stay in the hospital for a few days to see how she would recover. After a few days there was no improvement and we were facing the choice of euthanasia because we cannot afford to have MRI competed to determine exact problem. Our vet consulted with a neurologist at UT veterinary school in Knoxville TN that said she may need time to recover but the MRI would tell what is going on. If it is a slipped disc, she will also require surgery to fix.
We went to see Glory at the vet and was prepared to put her to sleep but she started moving her upper body. The vet said she hadn’t done any of that up until then so we decided to give her time to see if she will recover on her own.
It’s been a week since the onset and Glory is still not able to walk. She spends the day having me rotate her from side to side to avoid sores. She deserves to be able to live and play again. She has been my best friend since I adopted her. She has helped me through some rough boughts of depression and been at my side always.

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