Frank was given to me by a woman moving across the country in 2012. He was a healthy cat then, but over the last year has lost a significant amount of weight. Bloodwork at the vet shows that he is “very, very hyperthyroid.” This means he has a tumor sitting on his thyroid gland causing him to be hungry all the time, and metabolize everything at a super fast rate. He is so skinny, weighing around 5lbs, that it’s impossible to pet him. He’s a skeleton with skin and fur. Frank eats around 6 cans of food, 4 pieces of cheese, and all the dry food he wants per day, and he still screams for food. When he finishes a can, he screams for more. His stomach constantly gurgles, often so loud it wakes me up. He steals food off of our plates, despite having a full bowl of dry. I know he is uncomfortable, and despite having his meds increased, he is not doing well.
Frank needs radio-iodine treatment of the tumor on his thyroid. This is a common procedure done, often called I131 or Radiocat, and it is a total cure of hyperthyroidism. To do this, we first have to pay for a senior blood panel at our vet to ensure he is not in the beginning stages of kidney failure. If his T4 values look good, we can then begin the process for Radiocat. Frank is an awesome cat, and he doesn’t need his life cut short at 13. We think this is his lucky year!

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