Fiji did very well with surgery and is home recovering. Thank you to all that donated.

I adopted Fiji from my local animal shelter. Her owner had surrendered her because she did not want to deal with an unidentified medical condition. She was dehydrated, not eating, and very thin. She is now a normal weight, happy, and very social but her medical problem has evidenced itself. She has a perineal hernia, which I am told is a very rare issue in cats but common in dogs. Her prognosis is very, very good if the problem is surgically corrected. The first surgeon I took her to said repeatedly that because this condition is rare in cats, I will find very few veterinary surgeons who will perform the procedure but he would do it for $3700. I have found a surgeon that will do it for 1500. She is a sweet cat and her owners didn’t want her any more. I want her and I want to help her. Once this problem has been corrected, she should have another 7-10 years of happy life with me. I want to give her those years but I need help.

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