Dylan update 11/12/19 – Little Dylan is now at the point where he only goes once a week to the vet and mom is able to change the bandages at home. Thank you to all that donated and kept Dylan in your thoughts and prayers. This is the latest picture of the wounds after a month of treatment so you can imagine how bad this was a month ago.
Thank you to the great staff at Prospect Veterinary Clinic and thank you to our little community of supporters.

UPDATE 10/22/2019 Dylan had surgery to close (at least partially) some of the wounds. He will still need daily wound care for the next few weeks. This is around $50 a day so any amount donated helps.
I took my Dylan to the vet about a week ago due to what was initially diagnosed to be a large golf ball size abscess under his chin. After approximately $1350.00 in vet care including, abscess drainage, teeth extractions, antibiotics, antibiotic cream, pain medication. I took my boy home to heal. Over the next few days his chest, neck & face swelled and he started to get what I thought was scabs on his chin and side of face. His neck opened up and I thought it was part of the necessary abscess drainage. Over the weekend the 2 smaller spots became black and the neck wound got so large with skin gone, open w/ flesh gaping off the sides. I realized this was not normal healing and took him back to the vet. Last Wednesday the vet sedated my boy cut away all the dead skin. Afterwards my boy’s wounds were so bad and deep that you could see his jugular vein in the second largest wound His esophagus in in the largest wound. The vet had to put a few internal stitches around the jugular just to have some coverage for it. He also found 2 little puncture wounds lower on his chest and feels this sloughing off of dying skin may have been caused by a snake or spider bite. That would explain the dying off skin.? We are awaiting results of a culture that was taken last Tuesday to hopefully find what kind of bacteria if any, is killing of the skin. I hope this explains clear enough what is happening to my boy! I have been able to cover all the cost up to now but need help with his ongoing daily would care. Any amount is helpful and much appreciated.


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