UPDATE 10/3/2017 Dobby had a successful surgery on 10/2 and was able to come home today. It is still a long recovery but we are all cheering him on. Thank you to all that donated and saved his life.

Dobby came into our lives when there was a large whole in our family and our hearts. My mother had recently passed away. Just 6 months prior to that my father had unexpectedly passed away as well. He immediately brought smiles and laughter back to a family that was so desperately in need of it. Over the last two years he has become my best buddy. He is, aside from my wife and kids, my absolute best friend on earth. He is always there for me. Always has kisses for me to curl up with me and relax or run around the yard and play. He is so fast. The kids sometimes call him “rocket puppy”.

Then the unimaginable happened. He got out of the house and his timing could not have been worse. He ran out just as a neighbor was passing by in their car. Despite them moving slowly as it is a dirt private road, he ran out into their path. I cannot get the sound of his pain filled yip out of my head. We frantically contacted a local emergency vet service as it was in the evening and all other vet offices had closed and ours does not treat emergencies. While on the phone they advised that between xrays, examination and blood work the fee would come to more than $2000.00. We were devastated. We are still in the process of putting our own financial lives back in shape as we had been my parent’s primary caregivers and had to pay many of their
bills. Along with that my wife has Fibromyalgia and has not been able to work for the last 9 years. Now, she has returned to work but it is only part time and barely above minimum wage.
I would gladly change places with Dobby if I could. I cannot bear the thought of him being in so much pain and there is so little I can do but to try and comfort him. I can’t imagine our “Rocket Puppy” never being able to run again, or even walk. I am so scared that without this treatment the only option will become to euthanize him as the doctor has said that with every passing day the surgery becomes less likely to succeed because the muscles will tighten too much.

I have tried everywhere else and everyone I know. Companion Bridge is our last hope. Please, help me save my best buddy Dobby.
Keith Sweeney