We bought Diesel (22 months old) and his brother Clutch (15 months old) from the original owners about 3 months ago from the original owner when they needed to pay medical
bills after being in an accident on his motorcycle.


They are brothers from different litters and the original owners refused to sell one without the other. They have found a
special place in my heart and I’m so, so blessed to have them in my life. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, the boys were playing with each other and Clutch must have scratched
Diesel’s eye. After many visits to the vet and already spending about $1000.00 on vet bills and meds, I’ve been told that Diesel has a deep Corneal Ulcer and will need to
have a $3200.00 surgery to prevent blindness, and before his eye ruptures and needs to be removed.

It has been a very emotional week and now I realize that I have no other
options but to ask for the help of my fellow animal lovers that understand this feeling of unconditional love for their pets. I understand this is a hard time for many people to
give during this Christmas season, but as a family of 4, we’ve all agreed that there will be more Christmas’s in the future, but never another hairless sphinx like Diesel. Thank
you from every piece of my heart, for any help your willing to give so that Diesel may live a happy and healthy life. I love you all!

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