Daisy was rescued out of a home where she was being badly abused. She was left for days without food or water and kicked for barking or being territorial when another dog was later brought into the home. This new dog was unfortunately favored taking any attention days she may have previously been getting. The dog would play with Daisy like a toy carrying her around and it’s mouth and chasing her around the house. This house already had three children and six adults and was later raided by the police and condemned. Once my fiancé and I moved into our home I physically took Daisy out of that home and with some TLC and extra patience. Daisy has become A loving companion and part of our family. Unfortunately now that she has a home she can be comfortable in She is in too much physical pain to enjoy it . She has been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition where her back legs pop in and out a place and overtime the cartilage has made it impossible for Her legs to pop back into place. Because this is a pre-existing condition pet insurance will not pay for the surgery . We have recently had a baby So financially we are strapped. The surgery will be $1300 a leg and the vet said she is completely healthy otherwise. Watching her physically diminish is painful and although this 7 pound love is a fighter it breaks my heart to see her suffer. She’s been through so much and deserves some peace.

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