Update 6/2/18: Chloe recovered so quickly from her Addison’s Crisis that she came home almost a full-day earlier than estimated in the “best-case-scenario” outlook. Thank you to all that donated and kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

We recently welcomed our dog, Chloe, to our home a few months ago. While new to us, Chloe has been a member of our extended family since she was born to our beloved dogs Zappa and Basha in 2011. Gifted back to our home from Granny, her new primary caregiver is a 7-year-old first grader that noticed “her baby” was not quite herself the last couple days. After her condition worsened, we rushed her to the ER yesterday evening where she was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.
We need help with funding her treatment costs as they work to stabilize her condition.
This crisis and new diagnosis has placed a significant strain on this single-parent household. However, we are committed to ensuring Chloe’s immediate and long-term care needs are met and hope to bring her home soon. We need your financial assistance to succeed in doing so. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.