It is with a heavy heart that I post this. Charlotte Rose has crossed the rainbow bridge please keep her owners in your thoughts.

I was working for Napa Auto parts as a driver I had gotten ill and ended up getting sent home and laid off. I stubbed my toe on the edge of the couch and didn’t realize that my toe was broke and it healed wrong. I end up getting a bone infection in my toe it’s spread up to my foot and then into my leg. I ended up going to the hospital and lost my leg my right leg and my left toe and then I ended up catching covid. I just got home, and everything is going better but then realize that my dog has these abrasions on her skin that look like moles. I went to give her a bath and went to wash one of them and it busted then the other one on her right leg she was scratching it or licking it and it busted and ended up making her sick. The vet wants to do surgery and I couldn’t afford to do the surgery, so I asked him to do the next cheapest thing. They sent me home with antibiotics and allergy pills to help me get by until I could find someone to help me save her life. I don’t want to have to put my girl down she has a lot more years ahead of her she’s a great dog the best dog ever. It saddens me I have to think that I might have to put her to sleep if I can’t get her surgery done and I’m getting ready to cry thinking about it.

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