Buddy is…..incredible. Just a big lovable goofball.


His demeanor has never deviated from anything less than puppy personality. 1 day, a couple weeks ago, he wasn’t acting like typical Bud. This concerned us. It was only for 1 day but it was enough to alarm us, so we took him into his vet. Dr McPheron noticed a mass on Buddy’s throat. He took a sample of it and sent it for testing. It came back positive for carcinoma. We were referred to Purdue VTH oncology department. At the first visit, an ultrasound confirmed the mass was a tumor and it was noticed that the cancer had spread to one of his lymph nodes. A second visit CT scan confirmed the
mass was not attached and could surgically be removed, however, it also detected a small spot in his nasal cavity that cannot be surgically removed. The radiologist recommended radiation therapy on the nasal spot after the surgery to remove the
tumor and lymph node. Surgery is scheduled for June 21, 2017.
The surgery and radiation are life saving procedures but they are very expensive procedures that we simply cannot afford. We are doing everything we can to raise money but still need an enormous amount of help. To lose a beloved furbaby to cancer is one thing but to lose one because you can’t afford the procedures that could save his life is unfathomable.
Please help us save our Buddy. Thank you.

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