Update on Boots 6/20: Boots has been discharged from the ER and is home. Thank you to all that kept Boots and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

We have a sweet cat named Boots. Boots was given to us by a family friend, Boot’s mother only had one other baby through out her whole life and it was our cat Boots. I gave my cat her name because the first day we brought her home she use to sleep in my boots. Boots currently has 2 human sisters and 4 human brothers and she is loved dearly by all of us. My cat has been totally healthy her whole 18 years of life. About a week in a half ago my cat stopped eating and drinking, and me and my husband is currently sitting at the veterinary clinic. We want Boots to feel like her self again and come home, but we currently don’t have the finances to help Boots. We are asking if you can make a small donation to help us we all would greatly appreciate the help.

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