Bella is my Baby girl she only weighs 11lbs 3 oz. in the early morning hours on 4/28/18 she got into my pocketbook and ate approximately 25 to 30 pieces of sugarless gum. Bella is currently being treated for Xiytol Toxicty and is not doing well. Her liver is very poor and her blood clotting factors are not working so they started her on plasma in hopes it will help and so that she does not bleed out. I know she is 10yrs old but please she needs all the help her little body can get. She is a very active little girl for her age. she loves to play with all dogs big and small and is fascinated by horses. her favorite snacks she wont even eat right now. she likes clementine’s, blueberries bananas broccoli spinach crackers peanut butter yogurt and all other kind of health treats and right now i can not get her to eat any of them. she did eat some chicken today and a little last night. the er nurses all love her and she is being a very good little patient right now. She did have a cone on yesterday but last night they took it off her and she is so good she is not even trying to mess with her IV she is just being a good little girl. If anyone can please help i would really appreciate it.

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