So our sweet pit bull rescue, Bacon, needs knee surgery (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) for a torn CCL in both of her knees. She is a super active pup, who loves
hikes, playing with other dogs, and especially being mischievous with her brother, Toast. Unfortunately, we were in the process of getting insurance for her when she was injured,
so they won’t cover any of it due to this being a “pre-existing condition.” The first surgery was $3000, including all pre and post-op care. We were able to get together enough cash
for a deposit, and we were able to get her the first surgery. Unfortunately, when we brought her in for the first surgery, that is when the surgeon
discovered and diagnosed the second tear. Our Care Credit card is maxed out, and we don’t have the finances to make this surgery happen for at least several more months. We
are worried that if we have to wait that long that she will either do irreparable damage to her still bad knee, or will re-injure the knee she just got surgery on. We are generally not
ones to ask for help, but we do need help to make this surgery happen sooner before it causes her to hurt something else. So now, we are reaching out to all of you. We rescued
Bacon two years ago, after she had been abused and abandoned. She now has trouble trusting strangers, and a few other anxiety issues, held over from that. We have tried to
surround her with the most loving and happy environment that we can to make up for her traumatic puppyhood, so if you can find it in your heart to help us get her back up and
doing her favorite things again, we would be eternally grateful. Even if you don’t have the means to contribute, we appreciate any positive and healing thoughts getting sent Bacon’s
way. Thank you all so much!

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