My little baby Abby is a 12 yr old long haired chihuahua. I have had her for 12 yrs. She is the sweetest and most lovable obedient dog I have ever known. Abby is my only baby and without her I feel I wouldn’t be able to go on. Sometime ago Abby started developing tumors on her mammary glands. You can see in her picture the really big one that has a half dollar size blood spot. I haven’t been able to afford much vet care for her. I have ovarian cancer and have gone through rounds of chemo, and now having surgery on jan 11. My overall plan was to have surgery, recuperate and go to work and save every penny of my first couple of checks to get Abby her surgery. I sit here every day and watch the tumor get bigger and bigger and her in pain. I afford enough treatment to keep her with antibiotics, pain medicine and neosporin. Some days she will get up and try to be happy and other times she will lay in one spot for days. Her last visit to vet on Christmas eve said she wouldn’t make it until I recuperate and go to work ASAP. Abby has a life still ahead of her if the tumor can be removed. I cannot bare to think of being without her, let alone that she will pass or I need to put her down because I cannot afford the surgery. I dont have any support and dont have any family but my mom, dad and niece and they are financially not stable. The only reason I cannot afford the surgery is because of being sick with cancer & chemo and upcoming surgery. If I don’t get her, the surgery she needs very soon, I will lose her and she is all I have. I’ll never be able to have kids so she is my baby. My only wish/dream is for me and her to grow old together. I’m asking please, from your heart, please help me to get Abby her surgery. Anything, even to help with medicine.

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