In 2011 roughly 4 million families were faced with not being able to provide critical medical care for their animals and were forced to end their pet’s life. A tight budget does not allow room for the medical bills a sick animal may carry. When this is the case, many people take to message boards and fundraisers or even a second mortgage in an attempt to raise money to help their beloved friend. But far too often the naysayers just don’t understand how you could spend that much on an animal. Many don’t understand the bond and won’t offer the support needed, financially and emotionally, to care for a sick or disabled animal. That leaves pet owners with an empty wallet and no hope. This is where Companion Bridge can provide help. We provide a place for members to share their stories with people who understand.  With people who have been there, either in their own life or with someone they knew, and are willing to offer both financial and emotional support to those who are fighting for their counterparts with no voice. We’re providing the bridge that owner and animal need to cross to find the help they need.

If you have found our site and are not here on behalf of a specific friend and companion animal but would like to make an online donation please click the Donate to the General Fund below. All donations done on this page go to the general fund. If you would like to donate to a specific animal please donate from their page under “Our Stories”. All funds collected are dispersed to medical specialists or vendors as needed. In the event that we raise over the amount needed for a specific animal the rest is used to help another animal in need. Companion Bridge is primarily focused on helping pets  in the Mid-Atlantic states,  Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Click Here to Donate to the General Fund

If you would prefer to pay by check please mail it to:
Companion Bridge
PO Box 331
Millersville, MD 21108

There are other ways you can help, Companion Bridge is now part of iGive.  So every time you shop at designated stores a portion of your purchase goes to Companion Bridge. So check us out and select Companion Bridge as your charity of choice!

We are also part of AMAZON SMILE when you buy items that are Smile eligible. Just use the link found here AMAZON and the AmazonSmile foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to us.

Walk with Companion Bridge! If you walk your dog you can help raise money for Companion Bridge by simply downloading and using the WoofTrax App.

Don’t just take your dog for a walk… Take your Walk for a Dog! Go to, download the app, and support us every time you walk your dog.

Make sure to select Companion Bridge as your partner from the app’s setup tab.



Be Involved

Companion Bridge® is all about community and helping those whose animals need some support. If you are a vendor with a product that would be helpful to companion animals with special needs and would like to partner with us by donating or offering a reduced rate for your product please contact us at

Lasting Legacy

As an animal advocate one of the things I have prepared for is a monetary gift to be left to Companion Bridge when I pass on from this world. This is a unique way to leave a lasting legacy as an animal lover by helping those with the same compassion and love for animal kind even after you have gone to meet your friends at the bridge. To learn more about this kind of donation please contact us at

Companion Bridge is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Companion Bridge are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes. There are no donation limits or restrictions on contributions to Companion Bridge.

We are an all volunteer organization that files an 990, a 990 EZ or a 990n depending on how much is raised in the fiscal year. These records are available upon request. Companion Bridge is a certified 501(c)(03) public charity. A small percentage of general donations go towards maintaining and managing the site while the majority is used to help people within the companion bridge community that need that extra amount to either start or continue care for their animals’ medical needs. Companion Bridge is registered in the State of Maryland #26443.