As of 2/2/2024 we are out of funds and therefore not accepting applications at this time. Please check back at a later time.

Thanks for joining us! You should print this page as a reference as it has important information on it.

Important **

There is never any guarantee that Companion Bridge will be able to provide financial assistance. If this is an emergency situation, where a delay will put their life at risk, it is your responsibility to seek critical care for that animal immediately.

Please note that Companion Bridge can only help pets in the following States, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. If you live in another State please see our resources page to find help in your area.

At the end of this page will be a link to the release and story submit form. It is most important that you fill out the form completely and with the correct information. It would be best before clicking the link to have all of the treating veterinarian’s information handy and an idea of what you want to say in the story. It is critical that the Vet info be correct including email address as we will be sending them a document to fill out as well. Once it is filled out completely and you click submit the form will disappear. A copy will be emailed to you as well so if you do not receive one you need to fill it out again. Once the forms are complete and we have talked to the vet and they have completed our documentation we will review everything for approval.  It is best to fill out this form on a computer not a cellphone. If you do not have a computer, please see if your local library has one that you can use.

Companion Bridge reserves the right to contact all vendors and vets related with the diagnosis to confirm all story information. The treating veterinarian must be willing to consult with us either electronically or by phone. Companion Bridge also reserves the right to refuse publication of any story that would not be in the best interest of the animals. Companion Bridge also reserves the right to edit a story if necessary to maximize reach and donations. Companion Bridge reserves the right to revoke fundraising or remove any story, at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice.

We do require that you apply for care credit if your vet offers it and that you check to see if your vet participates in Vet Billing by going to this link and doing a search for vets in your area. Companion Bridge is for those people who are out of options. If approved we will provide a place for you to tell your story and to ask others for help. It is not a fund that can be drawn upon for things that are within a person’s means or for non-life saving or non-life altering events. Companion Bridge is for people that are in a period of economic hardship. If you can use a credit card to pay to help your animal, then please do not apply for assistance. You must have a current source of income and will be asked for additional (recent) financial documentation from everyone over the age of 18 in your household, this can be items such as your last bank statement or pay stub, unemployment benefit documentation or disability determination letter etc. All stories and documentation are verified for need and accuracy. The attending Vet will be consulted, and we do reserve the right to speak to your regular veterinarian about your animal’s past continuity of care.

We are 100% donation funded and 100% volunteer staffed, we actively raise donations through community events and social media. The funds we raise all go to saving lives and so we do ask that you help us spread the word by actively sharing your story and to try and give back to the community when you are able. If you take a community of a lot of people, giving just a little you can accomplish big things.

Please be sure to add to your “safe senders” e-mail list to ensure our emails do not end up in your spam folder. If you need additional help, please email You should also look at our resources page for additional financial aid resources and apply to the ones that would match your situation.

These are our policies:

  • We cannot help until all required documents have been received and reviewed. The name and address at the Vet must match the documentation. If you have recently moved, you will be asked to provide proof of residence
  • We cannot help if your animal does not have a regular veterinarian providing preventative care
  • We cannot help if your animal is being held at Vet until payment is made
  • We cannot pay on an invoice showing a zero balance
  • We cannot pay on Care Credit and cannot help if you have been approved for the entire amount needed by Care Credit
  • We can only pay Vets and Vendors and we cannot help if you Vet will not accept payment from us
  • We cannot help until your Vet has returned the required documentation or consulted with us via phone
  • We cannot help if your Vet has already setup a payment plan with you
  • We can only pay for care for the diagnosis listed and the amount in the quote from the Vet. If extra money is raised it will go to another companion bridge animal. Additional funds cannot be used for other services or a second pet
  • There is a $200 cap on funds paid out from the general donation fund for non-life threatening procedures. This is a one-time payment
  • Treatment must be given in a reasonable time frame, if your animal needs medical attention immediately it is your responsibility to get the animal the care it needs and not wait to see if funds are raised. If treatment is not given within a 60-day time frame the funds raised will be released back to the General Fund
  • Companion Bridge funds cannot be used for long term treatments such as cancer, diabetes, Addison’s, respiratory etc. Please see the resources page for organizations that help with ongoing diseases and conditions
  • We cannot provide funds for preventative medications such as heart-worm, flea and tick etc. We cannot provide funds for vaccinations, yearly blood work, dental cleaning, spay /neuter or euthanasia
  • We cannot provide funds for genetic hip and knee problems i.e. not physical trauma
  • We cannot provide general donation funds for blindness or eye issues unless the animal’s life is in danger or will lose sight.
  • We cannot provide funds for ongoing physical therapy beyond what was included in the original quote i.e. things such as acupuncture, chiropractic, laser etc.
  • We do not provide funds after a procedure or care has already occurred to pay off an outstanding bill.
  • We cannot pay for any elective surgeries / treatment
  • You must be at least 18 to post a story
  • We do not post any crowdsourcing links in our stories
  • We cannot help animals that are show/working competition (draft, agility etc.). We cannot help animals with fosters, breeders or that are in shelters or rescue groups. You must own the animal
  • If your pet is over the age of 18 months and is not spayed or neutered we cannot help unless there is a medical reason and documentation as to why or a plan in place to get your pet fixed.
  • Stories posted can be kept up for 30 days or more but can be removed earlier, and will be removed if an animal has received treatment and been released
  • A household/ family may only apply for help once
  • Companion Bridge can only help animals for residents of the United States and in the following states, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

Once we receive the forms (yours and the Vets) and your application has been reviewed you will get an email back usually within 24 hours with a request for your financial documentation through a secure link. Once that is received, reviewed and approved by the board members then we will ask you for pictures of your pet. We will then send you a link to the story to share with your friends and family. Please check your junk mail and spam boxes to make sure your settings don’t inadvertently mislabel our email. If you are not comfortable with having the story posted publicly on social media and our website, then please do not submit your story. You still need to fill out the application but please put n/a in the story fields on the form and we will be in contact with you if we have any grant money to help you with. Donations will be disbursed to vendors, vets and specialists as needed- we do not pay individuals. Posting a story does not guarantee that all the funds needed will be raised. If we raise more than what is needed the extra will go towards another animal in need. In the interest of privacy and for security reasons we cannot provide you with information about your donors. All donors will be made aware of this and can let you know they donated either personally or on social media pages. Please make sure to take a minute and “LIKE” our Facebook page.

If approved, we will email you for pictures to add to your story but ask that you send no more than 2. Thank you for letting us help you and your furry loved one.

STOP: Before going any further please make sure of the following:

  1. You understand and agree to the above policies
  2. You and your pet reside in the State of Maryland, New Jersey or Virginia.

  3. You are willing to provide all documentation required
  4. You have informed your vet that you are working with us and they agree to consult with us and will accept payment by credit card
  5. You have a quote from your vet and a treatment plan
  6. Your vet will provide Companion Bridge with a W-9 form and their medical license number

To submit your application to share your Companion Story, please Click Here!