UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Whiskey has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Thank you to everyone that rallied to help, please keep your thoughts with his mom

Hello, my cat Whiskey is 1.5 years old. Just a kitten still. When I first saw him when he was first born in my garage I fell in love with him. I would always go out and see him and he took to me too…our feelings for each other were definitely the same. Then one day he was about a month old. His momma and the other kittens were gone…he just sat in front of the garage or in the bed I had in there and waited. Never ran off. Well it started getting dark and with a racoon around I couldn’t leave this baby alone. So I brought him in. Hes been my buddy since. Hes spunky and fun. Plays with our 5 month old puppy that weighs 52 lbs now. Then a few days ago he got an upper respiratory infection. I was treating him at home with warm cloth to wipe nose. Steamy bathroom etc. His breathing started getting heavier so I took him into the vet. Not only do they need to drain the fluid off his chest, she found a mass in his abdomen. To all of our surprise because he doesn’t act like anything is wrong there. So I don’t want to give up on him but I can’t afford it all right now. Please, anything helps to save my buddy. I really appreciate any help. Thank you

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