My husband and I fell on hard times around the end of last year and I did my best to keep us afloat, but it wasn’t enough, and we had many things cancelled on us and our pet insurance was one of them. Snickers started throwing up every day about a month ago. We tried all the pre-vet things you’re supposed to do like changing mealtimes changing food, etc. then we took her to the vet and they recommended blood tests and X-rays which we scheduled 2.5 weeks out to align with my husband’s first paycheck and they said in the meantime Pepcid every 12 hours. The first 10 days the Pepcid was working but we can tell that she wasn’t fully herself. The last days she was back to throwing up and she even threw up blood from her throat being so raw. So, we immediately went back to the vet. She had lost 4lbs in those 3 weeks. They immediately decided she needed to stay overnight and get fluids, bloodwork, and an X-RAY. The X-ray that food and fecal matter was in her digestive tract that was way more than there should’ve been since she wasn’t eating much. No obvious blockage like a foreign object though. They kept her another night. She was eating but unfortunately vomited again. This morning, they repeated the XRAY, and the food and fecal matter had moved through which is good. They did a sonogram and found lesions and a mass where the pancreas and something else meets that could be an enlarged lymph node, an infection, or worst chance scenario a tumor. They have to do exploratory surgery to find out and get her better. They just finished the surgery. There’s damaged tissue on 1/3 of her stomach that’s really like fried and bleeds with you touch it and just very damaged. They took a biopsy and are sending it out asap. Of course, there’s always a risk it’s cancerous but he said stomach cancer is very rare in dogs. He’s hoping it’s inflammatory bowel disorder or something like that. He also asked if she could’ve gotten into anything toxic like a bottle of ibuprofen, but we said absolutely not. So maybe something else she could’ve ingested that we didn’t know about like maybe part of a plant outside? There really won’t be any answers until the biopsy comes back in 3-5 days since the holiday. Please any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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