Rain has successfully had one surgery and now needs the other sooner than later so that she does not hurt the surgery leg. Any amount is much appreciated.

Please help my dog Rain, she needs ACL surgery on both knees.

She is a 6 years old Husky-Chow we rescued from a shelter, as a puppy. Rain struggles with anal glad issues along with food & grass allergies, and Lyme disease. She doesn’t like to ride in cars, hates to have her haircut & nails clipped, and afraid of her own shadow. She loves to patrol her yard and play with her best friend, our cat Dini. Rain never walks anywhere, she always has to run. When she started limping, I thought it was the Lyme disease, or arthritis. After two different doctors, X-rays, test, test and more tests then a small surgery, they decided she needs ACL surgery in both knees. Since we cannot afford the $6,000.00 surgery we are trying to minimize her movements, to help with the pain. This will get better with surgery, and will continue to get worse & more painful without surgery. She hates not being able to go outside, and was still limping around the house along with my husband, who is suffering from complications after a total hip replacement last year. The two of them need more medical help. Several years ago I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and since have become disabled. So, my husband started to work from home to watch over me. With all our problems, our oldest son moved home to help out and try to restore our failing business. My younger son is in college but hopes to follow in dad’s footsteps and join the military next year. We would love to see Rain be without pain and be able to run and play again, so PLEASE help her. I want to Thank You for listening to our story and hope you can help Rain. Please keep her in your prayers and pass this on so others can pray for her too. Thank You and God Bless YOU!

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