UPDATE: Milla has been responding very well with treatments – thank you to all that donated.
Milla 7 years old, happy dog. was first diagnosed with 4 very large bladder stones, which are causing severe urinary infections and other problems related to her urinary tract that is almost completely obstructed. The cost for this Surgery is $700 (part is covered by a sponsored charity). The secondary problem is a condition that has not yet been fully diagnosed as we do not have the resources to pay for additional tests. She possibly has Cushing’s disease, but we don’t have the additional $ 900 to cover the blood tests, and ultrasound needed, and treatment and she can’t do the life-saving surgery until the Cushings disease is treated. We can’t cover With the diagnosis in hand, the donkey is treatable and after the surgery and treatment of cushing’s disease, it is very possible that Milla will completely recovered and have a normal and happy life after the bladder surgery and start the treatment for the Cushing’s disease. I’m a Single mom, recently divorced, I have to stay home with my toddlers, They can’t attend daycare since is closed due to covid19 and I can’t find work. In the past 6 months, we have survived from food stamps, medicated and gov. rent assistance. Before covid crises, we never need to use any government assistance, because I always worked. My Son recently graduated from HS and is now serving the country as a Marine. Any help is appreciated.

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