Update 8/1/18 Thank you to all that kept Jack Jack in your thoughts and prayers. Jack Jack did not make it through surgery and has crossed the rainbow bridge.

I took Jack Jack to the vet for blood work because he was in a great amount of pain.  He could not get comfortable throwing up and extremely lethargic. He grew worse as the vet sent him home with a  shot and a blood sample.  Over night I could not bear to see him in so much pain . Up and down for hours 24 to be exact . 24 hour vet looking at him and needed test that I could not afford, I found  a place 1/2 the price and worked with me . I gathered money as best as I can now Jack Jack is in need for an over night stay because pancreatitis and extremely off the charts blood sugar need to steady . His care is crucial these next 24 hours and need and over night care facility to watch over him with fluids he very well may not make it but he needs every fighting chance. Jack Jack has suffered too much and is such a great friend needs help in any way I can get .  I personally suffered a terrible accident 1 year ago and has caused me to not work and be disabled . I have tried to do the best I can, and I’m afraid I can not find what I need to keep him going . Please anything will help thank you so very much.