8/25 Update Our hearts are breaking today. Izzy developed pneumonia after surgery and unfortunately it was too much for her. She crossed the rainbow bridge this morning, our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Thank you to everyone that helped support her and her family through this. Run free now little Izzy!

I have a cute little baby girl named Isabelle “Izzy.” She is a Boston terrier and the sweetest baby in the world. I don’t have kids so she is my baby and as other pet owners can relate, she is my whole world. She loves to play outside and always comes back to the door when she’s ready to come inside. However Friday was one of the worst days of my life and I’m sure Izzy’s life too. She was outside for about 10 minutes and when I went to check on her I couldn’t find her anywhere. I eventually called for help and we found her passed out under the deck. I knew because the short length of time she was out it couldn’t have been the heat, however I put her in a cool bath for a minute and she became more alert. What I then noticed was she couldn’t move any of her limbs. I knew something bad had happened. I immediately took her to the closest emergency vet to where I had to pay $1,000 for them to do X-rays and lab work and say there was nothing broken. They sent her home with meds and said she should get better once the swelling went down. Over the weekend I had her in diapers and was up with this sweet baby every hour because she was in so much pain and she still couldn’t move her limbs. I reached out to a local vet who said she needed to see a pet neurologist. As you can imagine this was a very expensive visit on top of the emergency vet bill. The neurologist did an MRI and said Izzy needed surgery as she has a ruptured disc in her spine that was compressing her spinal cord, causing paralysis. I had to borrow money to be able to pay for this neurologist consult, MRI and now surgery and now she needs a few nights in the hospital. I would do anything for this puppy however I thought I should reach out to see if your wonderful community can help me at all. Thanks again for everything you do!

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