Update on Hazel
They were able to ween Hazel off the IV meds & switch her over to oral. This allowed us to be able to bring her back home. She is still on heavy medications, about 8 medications 2-3 times daily. She will need rehabilitation at home (and with a professional) often. She is unable to walk using her back legs at this time, however she is able to stretch and curl them back up. And no, at this point the Vet does not want to put her in wheels as she thinks she may regain control of her legs as she gets stronger with rehab. Thank you to everyone who made donations to help Hazel receive her much-needed care.
Thank you for the thoughts, prayers & continued love sent our way. Hazel is an amazing little fighter with so much spunk and personality! We couldn’t imagine not giving her the chance to live.

My husband Ryan & I are asking for help to save our baby Hazel, 13-week-old puppy that is currently hospitalized with Meningitis. On Saturday we had a playful puppy that was half mischief and half snuggle monster. About 24 hours later she was in pain and barely walking. We drove her to the Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center and an MRI, fine needle aspiration, labs and other tests confirmed our Babygirl has Meningitis. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult the news was to process considering we just lost our 13-year-old Labrador less than a month ago. I cannot say goodbye to another pet, especially when she has so much life left! All we want to do is give our girl a fighting chance but at the moment we do not have the additional funds for the next couple of days of treatment. As of this afternoon Hazel is turning the corner but we are still not out of the woods yet so she still needs hospitalization. Despite everything is making progress. She’s a fighter!

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