Grace is a 10 year old lhaso apso mix that has been in my family since I was a little girl, she is my best friend and my baby princess and I don’t know what I would do if I were to ever loose her.

Grace 2

About a month ago she had started to swell in the vaginal area and a prolapse had started to emerge. It then started to disappear after a couple days and went away completely, just when I went to breathe a sigh of relief, again the prolapse had emerged only this time it had gotten worse, this time it was completely extended from her vagina and was swollen and looked like a tumor, in the beginning it was bleeding a lot but as I continued to clean it and keep it covered the bleeding stopped but it had began to push on her bladder as well making it very difficult for her to hold her urine. she started to also become frustrated with her bandages and continued to always rip them off and tear them apart, today she still has it extended but it is kept clean and covered by pampers at all times, for a while she wasn’t eating because of it but slowly she has regained her appetite and has been eating again, we still keep pampers on her to keep it clean.
Any help towards the surgery is appreciated.

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