UPDATE 3/5/2020 Chester has had surgery and is doing well. He should be able to come home in the next few days and we will keep you posted as to his progress. Thank you to all that donated and kept him in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: Sweet Chester had his MRI and thankfully there are no tumors or signs of cancer but he does have IVDD and a herniation at C3-C4 so he will need surgery. This is a complicated surgery and will be quite costly. Any help is very much appreciated.

UPDATE: Chester has an appointment for an MRI and hopefully we will find out what the problem is.
On approximately Jan 13, 2020, Chester an 8.5 year old black lab and beloved family member, became inexplicably unable to walk during a single 24 hour period. Prior to, Chester, was a healthy and vibrant dog, strong and friendly. Always a happy face and wagging tail, this gentle giant is a bright light and loyal companion, a friend of people and dogs alike.

Chester has lost most of his ability to walk and is in severe pain much of the day. Examined by both a veterinarian surgeon and neurologist, the cause of his struggles can not be determined until more diagnostic tests have been performed. He has lost 6 lbs just in the last week and is now lethargic and dazed most of the time. The vets are unsure if this is a cervical or brain injury without further diagnostics. The testing will attempt to determine the cause. Surgery will likely be necessary as he is not responding to medications.

Our family is struggling with his illness and feel his pain every moment of the day. We are doing everything in our power to ease his suffering and make him as comfortable as we can under these adverse circumstances. Our only hope is to heal this beloved dog and keep him in our family for as long as possible.
Any possible assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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