UPDATE 9/29 Boubies had a successful surgery and will hopefully be able to go home today.Thank you to all that donated and kept Boubies and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

I adopted my sweet boy when he was just a wee bitty kitty. He has been one of my dearest companions, a precious triangle eared, vibrating, healing, majestic being. We have been thru thick and thin together. He slept and still sleeps with me every night, comes when I call him for bed, gathers random items and makes soup with them in the water bowl, and leaves me gifts outside my bedroom door when it is closed with things he finds around the house. He helped me raise my new baby son by bringing clean diapers and Binkies and leaving them outside of the door for when he woke up (I know that sounds far fetched, but right hand up to God, it happened repeatedly! ).. He is just one of those special-special cats, the one you always hope for, with a beautiful temperament and loving nature, and one that if you are lucky enough to get, it changes you in ways your heart never knew. This sweetheart received his rabies vax in 2018, (in an undesirable location- per our current vet’s opinion, as well as mine now based on the complexity of this), resulting in a tumor which eventually formed at the injection site. Had the Injection been placed lower, our regular vet could have been able to do the amputation, as it would be a more simple, less involved, and less risky amputation. Where this was placed, it is up so high on the hip, the entire leg and entire hip is going to need taken off, which as you can surmise, is a lot worse than the end of the leg or even the whole leg. This requires Boubies to have an orthopedist or a vet that has more training than your average primary care physician. My sweet boy has a lot of love and life left in him to give. I wont accept an unfavorable outcome. I am claiming his restoration in advance In The One Who Created him, in the Universe, in The Divine Energy that flows thru all of us.. This absolutely cannot be the end for the best cat I have ever met. One of the most wonderful creatures I have ever loved. I know there are more like him in this world. You may know one. You may have one you call your family. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer baby or at a worse time.. a pandemic. Where everyone is hurting so badly financially. I realize it is a lot to ask of anyone to try and help us right now, and for that, I truly apologize. But Boubies, my family, and myself would be so grateful if there was anything you could do to help. Even $1. Anything gets us closer to our very costly goal. This is an aggressive cancer. It has gotten bigger just In the short amount of time that I discovered it on his back leg. Even if you cannot help right now, I would be so grateful if you could share this with your loved ones. We really need a miracle for Boubs. I implore you, please help be one of his angels, the way he has been a furry angel his entire life to us and to this world. As beautiful as that Bridge of Rainbow glory will be when he sees it, this isn’t yet his time to cross. Please help me ensure that. With so much love and appreciation.. Boubies’ Mom & family

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