My support animal Bernie, a Maine Coon mixed cat, sustained an unfortunate accident on Saturday, March 23rd which has left him with a broken left hip. This devastating event couldn’t have happened at a worst time, as my mother was also just diagnosed with a bladder mass. She is severely handicapped, suffering from cerebral palsy which has left her in severe cognitive decline with little to no physical mobility whatsoever. Bernie has always been such a strong positive force, helping to keep me as relaxed and calm as possible while working tirelessly to maintain quality of life for my mother. I must use Uber for lack of transportation and have sought the nearest possible location that offers surgery solutions for Bernie. The quote given for pricing for FHO hip procedures is quite high. Notwithstanding, Bernie and I have a bond that is truly priceless. His loving, affectionate demeanor and compassion shown daily are God sent, and this animal is instrumental in keeping me going each day while facing such tedious and trying times. Bernie is a fighter, who has overcome the odds before and I’m always going to do my best to fight for him as well. He deserves nothing less. If there is any financial assistance available for my furry friend, any resources or anything else suitable for this particular situation, I would be so unimaginable grateful for whatever help you can provide. I greatly appreciate your time in reading this.

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